Time rages on regardless of deaths, struggles, and changes.
Time stops for nothing or nobody.
It is like being on a speeding train with all the people you know. Some just cannot hold on and simply let go, others jump off.
The train continues to speed away as you try to process what just happened.
But there is no time to.
Soon they become a memory in the back of your mind and you are forced to move on.
These tragic losses chill my heart and keep me up at night.
What is left for the future?
I fear that there will be nothing left — nothing good, anyways.
Hackers become smarter, jobs become less, civil unrest is already apparent.
And the news I read daily is not the least bit reassuring.
I am afraid that I will not remember the people of my generation as I do from previous ones.
We will not be legendary, far from it.
Forgive me for I am genuinely concerned about my future.

Time is Boundless.And.Unforgiving.