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Karmic Relief

   So I recently lost hope in something and thought that nothing or no one could help me, but I received some good news about it and decided to write this.

   With another blessing comes another challenge.  Not exactly moving forward or back, but still managing to get by.

   I believe in karma and I believe in blessings.  A few kind words to an elderly man, or some spare change given to a destitute woman could make all the different in their world.  And although they may never be able to pay you back in any way, they can look up or close their eyes and think, “I hope that that person gets what they need”. 

   I’ve seen people on the streets more humble than the wealthy.  Your riches do not matter if you do not practice what you preach.  If you praise God, yet demean those around you, there is no real love in your heart and I pity you. I could not care less for people of your kind, and I sincerely hope you get what is coming to you.

   For now, I will get by living with goodness in my heart and peace in my soul.  Whether there will be hard times or great times to come, I’ll be on this ride for a lifetime.

Second Chances

     10 Stories high, you look down at the people passing by.
     That bottle full of pills you could easily consume like candy.
     Shards of glass or the razor that makes you feel could cut too deep.
     That single bullet that you could bite.

     In a single moment, your life flashes before your eyes. The good memories you wish you could remember forever and the bad ones you wish you could forget. Whether there are tears streaming down your eyes or you full heartedly embrace what is to come, Death appears before you. The dark, hooded figure meets you face-to-face and you feel the heaviness fill your chest. As the hood comes off, the face of Death is a familiar one… You from the future coming back to make sure you do not take your own life.

     Staring Death in the face, the future is revealed. The future of those lives you have touched are seen. Lives filled with sadness, depression, and angst ring in the souls of the people you loved and those that loved you. What follows is your future if you stay, only if you stay. A big, bright future, full of hope. An endless list of things to live for, all of which make you reconsider that dreaded act that would be your last.

     Being given another chance to live happens in just an instant and in this instant, Death extends their hand, smiling, “Deal?”